Labow law Palermo


Greco Giuseppe's law firm deals with all types of disputes in the field of labor law

The law firm of Avvocato Greco Giuseppe has extensive experience in the field of labor law in Palermo, in relation to any productive sector, following every dispute in all its phases, both in the judicial field, up to the Court of Cassation and the National superior courts, both in the extrajudicial field. The assistance service offered by the firm of Avvocato Greco Giuseppe refers to all the disputes concerning the management of an employment relationship, which can be in general recruitment and dismissal, even collective, claims for particular tasks or higher level qualifications, compensation for damages due to mobbing or professional disqualification, litigation and contractual, economic and social security disputes. The team of the law firm, also in the field of labor law in Palermo, proposes a first consultation, to be carried out also by email or by telephone, followed by a thorough examination of each case study, and by the elaboration of a precise strategy to be followed to achieve of the best result, and full customer satisfaction. The lawyers of the Attorney Greco Giuseppe study will follow the dispute in every phase, including the drafting of documents and deeds necessary for the regulation of labor relations and the observance of the contractual rules, also dealing with the drafting of individual or collective contracts and any rules of corporate conduct for internal use. The firm undertakes to follow a continuous updating in the field of labor law in Palermo, due to the continuous evolution of this context and to the continuous modifications of contractual rules and regulations also of an international nature. The consultants of the law firm Greco Giuseppe, experts in the field of labor law, guarantee a high quality service, not only at a generic level but also with regard to the specific problems of specific sectors, providing targeted assistance in relation to management problems , trade unions, social security and labor regulations, including cases of large companies and in the presence of both Italian and foreign employees. To resolve any labor dispute with the utmost peace of mind, the Palermo law firm first evaluates the possibilities of conciliation, trying to mediate between the parties in the best and most advantageous way for both, and avoiding the continuation of the legal process in several cases , with the relative waiting times that it entails. A method that can be very useful both to the worker and to his counterpart, as it allows to get to the resolution of the problem outside the court, with the full satisfaction of both. Especially in this period of continuous market fluctuations, and with the related repercussions on the economic conditions of all, the issue of labor law is becoming of particular importance, both for the delicacy and complexity of many aspects relating to the working and professional world, both for the consequences that the treatment of workers and the economic situation of companies often suffer, in relation to a prolonged period of particular economic instability.