Social security assistance in Palermo


A full service of legal advice and assistance in every context of civil law

The law firm of Avvocato Greco Giuseppe offers a complete legal consultancy service to companies, companies and individuals, dealing mainly with everything related to private law in matters of contractual assistance, contractual assistance for the sale of know-how, and judicial consultancy. out of court in relation to both civil and labor law cases. The study, thanks to a long experience in the sector and the presence of a team of qualified professionals, is able to propose a precise and targeted consultation in relation to issues related to social security assistance in Palermo: it is a rather large area that touches on the various areas of civil law, such as agricultural law, administrative law, commercial law, labor law, agency law, family and hereditary law, financial and real estate law and matrimonial law . In particular, the firm is able to deal with every issue related to social security assistance in Palermo, developing consultancy and in-depth strategies on contractual and extra-contractual matters, dealing with family issues such as inheritances and succession, and all disputes related to making use, where necessary, also of the collaboration of professionals in the notarial field, but also of divorces, of separations between spouses and de facto couples, of family contracts and adoptions, of uneasy conditions for minors. The subject of family law includes a series of often complex and always rather delicate specific situations, from situations of coexistence to separations and divorces, with all the patrimonial and maintenance issues relating to each case, to shared custody, to adoptions. In all these situations the professionals of the Attorney Greco Giuseppe's office will evaluate every detail with the utmost attention, and with total confidentiality and protection towards the client, to ensure complete observation of the rights but also full respect for the person. The ultimate goal of the Attorney Greco Giuseppe's study is to reach the definitive solution of the dispute as quickly as possible, without trauma or inconvenience, and with particular attention to the protection of the weakest parties, such as women and minors. The team of lawyers of the Attorney Greco Giuseppe law firm possesses a wide enough competence to be able to face problems of different nature in the context of civil law, from the obligations, to the contracts, to the causes of civil responsibility, which can be the questions concerning the problems of protection of privacy, damages attributable to cases of professional irresponsibility or defamation, questions of controversy due to condominium problems or related to the ownership of real estate (usufruct, pledge, mortgage) and contracts of sale and lease. In all these cases, the experts of the law firm will carefully evaluate every detail to provide a personalized and precise consultation, subsequently informing the client about all the developments of the case and ensuring complete assistance in judicial and extrajudicial matters.