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Specializations of the Law Firm:
Civil law (in general); condominium disputes; road accidents; recovery credits; damages actions (compensation pursuant to Law 210/92: blood transfusions infected, medical responsibility and the like); disqualification, disqualification proceedings, appointment of support administrator; matrimonial law [separation-divorce of the spouses]; family law [Juvenile Court]; material matter [editorial office leases / eviction procedures or lease termination]; preliminary drafting of Trade; labor law; renowned for its knowledge of the subject welfare and social security [litigation against INPS and INAIL]; contentious at the Court of Auditors / administrative law (some matters) / judgments at the tax commission (some subjects).


any issues concerning: criminal matters; and tax matters and administrative (not falling within the specific competence of the lawyer G. Greco) are however treated by colleagues specialized in this sense, consultants of the firm. Qualified for legal aid at the expense of the State

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Greco Giuseppe lawyer, legal advice and assistance

The law firm of the Lawyer Greco Giuseppe operates throughout the Sicily Region with a team of professional lawyers, able to provide a full service of advice and high level legal assistance in the field of civil law and labor law. Thanks to a long experience in the legal sector and to a strong passion for this activity, the law firm in Palermo Greco of Avv. Giuseppe guarantees the best assistance for all disputes related to labor law, for condominium and family disputes and for civil law cases.
Greco Giuseppe Lawyer
Civil Law and Labor Law Specialist
Thanks to a long experience in the legal sector, the law firm in Palermo Greco of Avv. Giuseppe acquired a relevant expertise in various legal disciplines, specializing in all those aspects of civil law that refer to condominium issues, to disputes related to labor law, in addition to family issues, such as family law, inheritance law and matrimonial law. The professionals of the legal team of Avvocato Greco Giuseppe are always available to offer their advice, with the guarantee of a high quality service and maximum commitment to fully satisfy their customers.
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Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in the field of private law


Civil law

Inheritance, real estate and condominium
The law firm in Palermo Greco Avv. Giuseppe works mainly in the field of Civil Law, providing assistance in relation to all levels of judgment, including the Superior Judiciaries and the Court of Cassation. The term Civil Law normally refers to that sector of private law that covers all matters of civil interest: employment contracts, family disputes, property and inheritance, real estate and condominium issues. For all these situations, the firm of Avvocato Greco Giuseppe offers its own consultancy and a complete judicial and extrajudicial assistance service, accompanying you in all phases of the dispute and undertaking to study the best strategy.

Labor Law

Work reports and contracts
With regard to the context of the right to work, the firm of Avvocato Greco Giuseppe offers its advice and judicial and extrajudicial assistance to both private individuals and companies and companies, dealing with contract law in all its forms. Included in the context of civil law, labor law is a discipline in continuous change, due to the continuous revisions of the contracts that regulate the relationships of subordinate work, and the civil law intends to regulate rights and duties both for the workers and for the employer of work. Attorney Greco Giuseppe's office follows all kinds of disputes related to the world of work such as hiring, contracts, salaries, dismissals, compensation for injuries.
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The Law Firm of Avv. Greco Giuseppe is available to provide any kind of advice

The law firm in Palermo Greco of Avv. Giuseppe is always available to provide precise advice and evaluate a possible strategy to deal with any type of dispute. You can contact us at any time and make an appointment with our team: you will be greeted with the utmost courtesy and discretion by experienced and qualified staff, able to provide you with a first in-depth assessment of your situation and any steps to be taken, without any obligation or commitment on your part. The firm avails itself of the collaboration of a team of highly skilled and trained professionals, each specialized in a different branch, in such a way as to be able to offer targeted and precise consultancy and assistance, requiring, where necessary, the intervention of professionals external experts in different fields: medical, technical, commercial, administrative.
In the field of civil law, the lawyers of the Attorney Greco Giuseppe law firm are able to offer high-level advice and profound expertise, thanks to continuous professional updating and a great passion for their work. Civil law, in detail, represents that part of private law that deals with managing everything related to contracts and labor relations, family and inheritance issues, succession, obligations and civil liability. After the first examination of your case, you will be followed by an expert consultant, who will assume the responsibility of elaborating the path and strategy most suited to your situation, requesting, if necessary, a professional opinion from an external technician, and intervening in the manner more appropriate even if there are requests for compensation to be made, committing to obtain the right compensation for any kind of damage suffered.